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1892 Club


The 1892 Club consists of the following private members’ golf clubs, all founded in the year 1892 that have agreed to be part of a friendly association, each offering reciprocal courtesy visits to each other’s club members. To take advantage of these courtesies the following procedure MUST BE followed:



  • Members make their own arrangements with the Secretary of the Club they wish to visit by letter or phone, giving as much notice as possible.

  • Do not turn up uninvited and expect to be able to play

  • Members should take with them a letter of introduction together with their handicap certificate, which can be obtained from the office.

  • Check with the host Club their dress rules and respect them.

  • For visits to take place Clubs should be separated by 75 miles.

  • These courtesies do not extend to anyone whose Club is not a member of the 1892 Club.

  • Remember that when visiting other Clubs you are an ambassador of your Golf Club and when others visit us please extend every courtesy to them as our guests.

  • Moderation in numbers at any one visit should be observed (a car load and not a coach load) as should be your number of visits to any particular Club.





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