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Gents Winter League 2020/21

Due to the introduction of the new World Handicapping System the Club do not now have access to the Winter Handicaps from last year and these can not be recorded and calculated in ClubV1 (the system we used to use for this either), so new ones needed to be calculated.

As outlined in an email to members, the gents winter handicaps have been calculated based on the the new handicap index which members with a CDH have been given by Scottish Golf.  Please note that the winter course does not currently have a course or slope rating so the winter handicaps have been calculated only on the player handicap index, the par of the unmeasured winter course which is 66 less 3 (the difference between white tee par of 69 and 66). 

Handicaps are reduction only.

Winter League 22 11 2020.JPG
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