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Find 0ut what the new World Handicapping System (WHS)  means for you - the Player?

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Key Features of WHS for the Player

Up to date, easy to understand and adaptable, WHS lets you play golf the way you always have, as well as giving you a handicap index that will travel anywhere you decide to play. 

  • A handicap index - a measure of your golfing ability that you can take with you anywhere and use at whatever course you are playing 

  • Course Rating and Slope Rating - every set of tees will have a course rating and slope rating based on course difficulty. These will normally be available on a look-up chart on the first tee or through an App. 

  • Playing Handicap - depending on the tees you are playing from and your chosen format of play, your handicap index will be converted into a playing handicap, representing the number of strokes you will receive for the round.  

  • Acceptable scores for Handicap Purposes - if you are ever in doubt about whether your score is acceptable for handicap purposes, or any of the Rules and procedures relating to handicapping, check with the club where you are playing.

  • Go out and play - enjoying the round as you always would. 

  • Strokes received - while one bad hole might mean you don’t win the competition, you can still submit an acceptable score for handicap purposes.

  • Maximum Hole Score - if the format of play allows, you should pick up when you reach your maximum hole score, promoting a good pace of play. 

  • Add up your score - including any penalty strokes and any applicable adjustments for holes not played or where you didn’t hole out. 

  • Submit your score - as soon as possible after your round, providing you with an accurate up to date handicap index ready for the next day or soon after. The more scores you submit - the more accurately your handicap index will reflect your ability. 

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