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Musings from The Match Secretary

Magic 2 roll overs: You will be pleased to know that the Committee has passed a suggestion regarding the Magic 2s played for during Medal rounds.

Normally if there are no 2s scored during a Medal, the money raised from the Magic 2s is absorbed into club funds.

From the start of the season, if no 2s are scored, the money raised will be "rolled over" to the next similar Medal.

E,g, a Sunday Medal will roll-over to the next Sunday, Monday Medal to the next Monday, and Thursday Medal to the next Thursday.

It will roll-over until someone scores a 2!

The New Handicapping System comes into force with the new season, and this allows the club to allocate a handicap up to 54 for men and women.

A Handicap can also be issued for players playing nine holes. New players will have to play 54 holes either on a 9 hole course or an 18 hole course.

With this in mind, the committee are in the process of having an SSS calculated for holes 1 to 8 and 18th. This will be our 9 hole circuit!

This will assist new players, older players to continue to enjoy their golf, but perhaps cannot manage a full 18.

Cat 5 Matchplay - with the new Handicapping System, comes a new category of handicap - Category 5. This will be from 28 to 54. Anyone in this handicap category will have their handicap administered by the club, rather than the SGU's Handicap Database. It also means players can go up or down by however many the club decides, in order that the player has the correct and fair handicap.

The player in Cat 5 would lose their "competition" handicap, and would not be eligible to enter competitions at other clubs, Opens, etc, but continue to play in Medals, etc at their home club.

The Committee has agreed to hold a further matchplay competition for "high" handicap players only. The lower figure being suggested is a handicap is 20.

The entry sheet will be alongside the other competition entry sheets in the changing rooms.

Should you be of a 28 handicap, you must request a Cat 5 handicap, and thereafter you will be ablt to have your handicap adjusted accordingly. If you reduce your handicap at a later stage to below 28, you will return to having an official CONGU competition handicap.

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