Winter League - results

Well the Winter League results are in and the winners will be announced on the day of the Captain v Vice Captain Match on Sunday 3rd April. Just in case you may wonder, and to put into perspective the amount of work that goes into producing the results, here are some statistics:- The Winter League took place over 21 weeks. 318 rounds of golf were played. In all, 49 players played during this time, and if all played the 21 weeks, there would be 1029 cards to look at. Thankfully, only 318 rounds were completed. Imagine the state of the course of 1029 rounds were completed. To work out each player’s top six cards, they are manually placed in alphabetical order, making it easy to pick each pla

Winter League update

Well the season hasn't officially started yet, but golf is being played and there are some tense rounds being played. The Winter League reaches its climax this Sunday and whilst good scores, or a final 6th card may sway any final results, it's tight at the top of the Eclectic. Peter Russell is leading by 11 strokes in Div 1, and will require Ronald Lambie to produce a net 56 to catch him. In Div 2, Iain MacPherson leads Tam Lindsay by 5 strokes, with Tam needing a possible net 63 to do any damage. Colin Stewart is the leader in Div 3 on 366 and has the smallest lead of 4 over Mike Maher. However, his nearest challengers will need net 60's or better to deprive Colin of his victory. The Winter

Musings from The Match Secretary

Magic 2 roll overs: You will be pleased to know that the Committee has passed a suggestion regarding the Magic 2s played for during Medal rounds. Normally if there are no 2s scored during a Medal, the money raised from the Magic 2s is absorbed into club funds. From the start of the season, if no 2s are scored, the money raised will be "rolled over" to the next similar Medal. E,g, a Sunday Medal will roll-over to the next Sunday, Monday Medal to the next Monday, and Thursday Medal to the next Thursday. It will roll-over until someone scores a 2! The New Handicapping System comes into force with the new season, and this allows the club to allocate a handicap up to 54 for men and women. A Hand

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