Thundering Club Championship

Due to the adverse weather, the Quarter finals of the Club Championship were not completed. Those matches outstanding will be played before the Semi-Finals on Friday 23rd. Semi Finals - Friday 23rd June 5.30pm - Donald D MacDonald v Ronald Lambie 5.37pm - Mark Williamson or Ross MacDonald (finishing Thursday starting at 15th hole) versus Peter Russell or Martin Foster (finishing Thursday starting at 14th hole) 5.45pm - Archie Woodhead versus Bill Hynd or Phil Lambie (finishing Thursday starting at 13th hole) 5.52pm - Martin McLeish or Grant Malcolm (finishing Friday afternoon starting at 12th hole) versus Stefan Klatschak or Colin Stewar

Club Championship Results - H/C

Jack Bailie bt David Scott Archie Woodhead bt Colin Nisbet Bill Hynd bt Donald Cockbill Phil Lambie bt Bill Wright Martin McLeish bt Gordon Smith Grant Malcolm bt Graham Hutchison Jnr Stefan Klatschak w/o (John Low) Colin Stewart w/o Donald MacDonald The draw for the next rounds of the Scratch and Handicap are as follows: 17.30 - Steven Park v Donald D MacDonald 17.37 - Ronald Lambie v Michael Ramsay 17.45 - Mark Williamson v Ross MacDonald 17.52 - Peter Russell v Martin Foster 18.00 - Jack Bailie v Archie Woodhead 18.07 - Bill Hynd v Phil Lambie 18.15 - Martin McLeish v Grant Malcolm 18.22 - Stefan Klatschak v Colin Stewart First named drives off first.

Latest News

Well we are fully into the new season, and things are going well. Chloe, our new caterer, is getting established and the feedback is positive. She has some good ideas, and is looking to enhance the service that she provides. This Sunday catering will be limited as Chloe has a prior engagement. Cold filled rolls will be available. Match Play draws are off and running, and good luck to those next week playing on club championship matches. I will be there on Monday and Wednesday evening, but unfortuantely not for the final rounds. The "experiment" of Sunday four-balls will cease with immediately effect, and four-balls will not be allowed prior to 11.00am. After that, and in all other medals, it

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