Winter League Entry

This Sunday (30th) see the start of the Winter League, and it was suggested we revert back a few years for the weekly entry. So, from the start, your weekly entry fee will be £2 in cash put into the envelopes provided. Players should clearly mark the names of the corresponding entry fees on the envelopes. Thereafter the envelopes and completed scorecards to be placed in the white scorecard box which will be placed in the Gents' Changing Rooms. Any scorecard which does not have a corresponding name on an envelope WILL be disqualified. Weekly winners will receive a cash prize. There will be no need to enter your score into the computer. And if you think this makes the Match Secretary's job eas

Course Conditions? - Call the Club!

As we approach the winter months, last year we had members asking why they couldn't call the club before travelling to the course, only to find it closed? Well now you can. Our options when anyone calls the club have been changed to add a 4th option - course conditions. This can be changed instantly, and remotely, in order to give members and visitors up to the minute information on the course condition when they call.

Christmas Fayre Stableford/ Closing Day

Please note an error in the Fixtures. The Christmas Fayre Stableford is to be played this Sunday 23rd October 2016 and NOT Monday as in the fixtures. This is the last match of the golfing season. The Closing Day is this Saturday 22nd October with a "shotgun start" at 1300hrs. A buffet is available after the match and names should be added to the list on the notice board or by contacting the club.

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