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Winter League - results

Well the Winter League results are in and the winners will be announced on the day of the Captain v Vice Captain Match on Sunday 3rd April.

Just in case you may wonder, and to put into perspective the amount of work that goes into producing the results, here are some statistics:-

The Winter League took place over 21 weeks. 318 rounds of golf were played. In all, 49 players played during this time, and if all played the 21 weeks, there would be 1029 cards to look at. Thankfully, only 318 rounds were completed.

Imagine the state of the course of 1029 rounds were completed.

To work out each player’s top six cards, they are manually placed in alphabetical order, making it easy to pick each player's 6 cards.

Believe it or not, it is much easier to work out a player's eclectic score. As everyone has entered their score into the computer, a simple few clicks of the mouse, produces the results.

Simple checks are done to ensure it is correct, e.g. if the computer says a player has played 7 rounds, this can be checked by the number of cards submitted. In two cases the number of cards submitted were questioned, and this was confirmed by the number of cards held.

2 players completed the most rounds, namely 16. One prize winner completed only 5 rounds.

Finally, I was asked this week why we play on two different sets of greens during the Winter League.

The overall say on the course is the Head Greenkeeper. If pushed, he would probably have us all play on winter greens all through the winter; but we have to be lucky that on some occasions the full course is playable and the Committee allow the full course to be played.

If the Winter League was on full greens only, it wouldn't be much of a competition. 2010 saw the course closed for 2 months. Those early birds on a Sunday would never get a game until the frost lifts.

So, we leave it up to the player to decide if he wants to play the full course or winter greens.

Unfortunately, I can't say which course the winners decided to play, so I can't comment on which has the better advantage.

Good luck to all members for the coming season.

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