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It's "Go" for Opens

What a weekend!! Anyone who missed the amazing Hole in One at The Masters....well here it is!

Sunday saw the first of our Opens - The Texas Scramble.

It was a highly successful and enjoyable day, with many teams from all over the country attending. Positive comments were made including the new rule of each player having to use a drive at one of the short holes. This made a lot of teams think and consider future holes, especially as our course finishes with two Par 3s. It made it a little more tense and exciting for those taking part, so congratulations to the winning team with a score of 54.1.

Our next event is the Invitation Open on Sunday 1st May. Members can bring a guest to play in this fun day. Cost is £15 per couple and you can book online.

An email was recently sent out for volunteers to Marshall at the British Seniors Open to be held at Carnoustie from the 18th to 24th July. Anyone who has never done this before should give it a go if they can. It is an excellent way to see some great golf. Volunteers can work four hours per day up to 4 days, and for that they will receive branded clothing, food vouchers and a free ticket for entry to the event. A car park voucher is also included.

Claire has details if anyone is interested.

I am now off to sit in a darkened room after my first open as Match Secretary, but in this universe, I'm away for two weeks on some deserved holiday.

And finally...

After a particularly bad round of golf, Robert decided not to go to the nineteenth hole [the clubhouse bar] and started to go straight home.

As he was walking to the golf car park to get his Range Rover, a policeman stopped him and asked', Did you tee off on the seventeenth hole about twenty minutes ago?'

'Yes', Robert answered

'Did you happen to slice your ball so that it went over the trees and out of bounds and completely off the golf course?'

'Yes, I did. How did you know?' Robert questioned.

'Well', said the policeman gravely', Your golf ball flew out onto the main road and crashed through the windscreen of a BMW. The car driver lost control and crashed into six other cars and a fire engine. The fire engine was unable to reach the fire in time and the building burned down. Now, what do you intend to do about it?'

Robert thought it over very carefully and responded', I think I'll close my stance a little bit, tighten my grip and lower my right thumb.'

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