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Canter Continues

As the Canter reaches the home straight, the race at the top is changing after every Extra Medal.

Ross MacDonald (134), and Steven Park (118) continue to be the front runners, and their places seem assured. Stephen Moon (108) has almost guaranteed a place, but another good finish in one of the remaining rounds should see this cemented.

D D MacDonald (94) leaps into the top six for the first time after two back to back wins in the last extra medals, and further good round should secure qualification.

Andrew Boler (86) and Steve Gilroy (83), are on the sticky wicket, completing the top six.

Gary Walker (70), Martin Foster (70, Stuart McKendrick (63), Brian Whyte (62) and Mark Williamson (56) are in the chasing pack, all with the potential to make that top 6 placing.

With 5 Extra Medals left to be played, even Ron Burnett (54) and Michael Murray (52) have the potential to make the top 6.

Top 6 will be invited to represent Dunkeld and Birnam in the Cowan Cup on Sunday 28th August at Dunkeld. Good luck gents!

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