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Canter to the Cowan - Home Straight

With just two Extra Medals to go, and a maximum of 40 points available, the top of the Current Standings looks set to change. There were some big movers over the last week, with Steve Gilroy leaping into the top 6.

Ross MacDonald (146) cemented his first position and is guaranteed his invitation to play for the club, whilst Steven Park (118) is also safe from the back markers catching him.

With only two rounds left, Stephen Moon (108) looks set to remain in the top 6.

Steve Gilroy (103) leaps into the top 6 with a good net 63 this week, and I wouldn't bet on him not being in the team for the Cowan.

Michael Murray (102), the only other player over the 100 mark is also in the "dodgy zone" and if not playing over the next two rounds, has to hope results go his way.

The final top 6 placing, D D MacDonald (98) is on the "shoogly shelf", with two players in a position to knock him out of the running. Andrew Boler (86), a long standing member of the "top 6 elite" has been knocked out of the top 6 placing for the first time in many weeks. He needs to play to stand a chance of qualifying. And Gary Walker (70), Martin Foster (70), two players who are back markers, and need points in both rounds for a chance to qualify.

It is hotting up and it looks like I will need to do results after Thursday's Extra Medal to get a penultimate standing!

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