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Canter - Close Finish for Final 6

A total of 25 players contested for some points in the penultimate round for qualification for selection for to represent the club in the Cowan Cup.

Ross MacDonald (146), Stephen Moon (120), are confirmed for selection. A second place in Thursday's Extra Medal saw Steve Gilroy leap (119) into 3rd place, confirming his selection.

Also safe, Steven Park (118) is catchable, but confirmed as a top 6.

Michael Murray (112), whilst currently in 5th, needs to make sure of some points or home the back markers don't have good scores in the final round to catch him.

D D MacDonald (98) is the only "wobbly runner" who could easily find himself dropping out of the top 6, if the next two gain some points come Monday.

Andrew Boler (94), a former top 6 placing, needs to play Monday and earn some points to overtake D D to stand a chance of gaining qualification.

Gary Walker (90) could earn the last 20 points and easily jump into the top 6.

Unfortunately for the remaining 68!! players, they are all "also rans".

So it's all to play for come Monday 1st August in the final qualifying Extra Medal.

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