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Canter Concludes

In the final qualifying round for selection of the team to play in the Cowan Cup, it was never straight forward.

The shoogly peg fell out, not helped by a twist of fate in the results in the extra medal.

To save blushes, no names mentioned, but 2 players were disqualified in the extra medal for not signing their cards. I'm guessing that they were so excited by their fantastic round, they forgot. Just wondering, at what point did they sign each other's card as markers, and then forget their own signature?

However, this impacted on the Cowan points, as Gary Walker gained the maximum 20 points to jump to 110 and 6th place. Steve Gilroy (131)cemented 3rd position.

D D MacDonald is the unfortunate one, gaining only 8 points, dropping to 7th place in the table on 106.

So the full team to be invited to play for Dunkeld and Birnam GC at the Cowan Cup on Sunday 28th August will be: Ross MacDonald (146), Stephen Moon (120), Steve Gilroy (131), Steven Park (118), Michael Murray (112), and Gary Walker (110).

Those in 7th place and lower will be reserves if required.

The "Canter" was introduced this year, in order to select a team for the Cowan Cup, and select the best stroke-play players over the season. I feel those at the top of the table have played consistently and produced good results. Whilst it could be argued that these players have played the most rounds, there is no doubt they have played more than most, but even looking back at the results over the season, I think this has been a fair result to pick the best team.

Unfortunately, some other team has been using our high-altitude, training camp in Brazil, so this year's trip for the team has been cancelled.

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