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Winter League Wk2

David Crowder continues his winning streak with another Scratch 1st, a nice 75. Nett score not yet good enough to get a cut in his handicap. He leads the Eclectic with a 70, but Peter Russell (71) and Douglas Ogilvie (72) hot on his heels at this early stage.

In the Handicap, Wattie Barbour's handicap in Wk1 wasn't enough to keep him out of the prizes. Mel Watkins (nett 63) was the only one to have a 0.5 reduction this week, earning him H/C top spot. Dave MacDougall improved on his 10 at the 16th in Wk1 to have a fine nett 64 to claim 2nd spot this week, with Wattie Barbour taking 3rd spot with a nett 65.

26 players played this week, which keeps the Match secretary busy when updating the Eclectic Scores.

Wattie Barbour reigns supreme in the 10-17 Section with a 65, with Jim Townsley (69), and Ross MacDonald (71) in third.

Jim Townsley was among a few golfers to knock in excess of 15 off their eclectic score this week.

In the 18+ Section Dave MacDougall's improvement shoots him into pole position on 75, with Andy Taylor ((81), with Hugh Kerr and Jim Samson (82) looking to further improve.

Many weeks lie ahead, but with snow forecast this week, already the prospect of full greens is getting slimmer.

Please note the bunkers are now "GUR" and any ball lying is sand shouldbe dealt with according. Nae Luck if your ball is clinging onto the edge in the long grass of the fringes of the bunker.

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