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Winter League Wk5

Week 5 saw the ever young, John Young, play his first 18 holes of the Winter League, and is not last when it comes to his sections' Eclectic Results.

2 Players now have a set of nine holes in the 20's (Willie Young (29) and Wattie Barbour (28)).

In the weekly sweep, David Crowder returns to the scratch prize (71) after his blip in week 4!

Iain McPherson is back to winning form by a better inward half in the handicap (nett 60), followed by Ally Wood. That other "auld lad" David MacDougall (nett 61) secured 3rd with a better inward half to again take a bit of prize money.

A few players saw their handicaps cut, which make it a little harder for them to remain in the winning zone. The Eclectic results are getting easier for the Match Secretary to deal with, as the number of new eccies bottoms out.

In the handicap groups, Ronald Lambie (62) remains at the top, but only just over Peter Russell, by virtue of a better last three holes.

In Group 2, Willie Young(61) keeps his 1st place over Wattle Barbour(62). Wattie seemingly having a bad round this week. Obviously not cold or frosty enough for him! Jim Townsley is hard on there heels with a 63.

In Group 3, Jim Samson and David Bell (68), battle it out. If I had to choose, Jim Samson would take this with a better last three holes.

As said earlier, John Young entered the foray, and with his 92, there is much room for some more eccies in the bag.

Week 5 has come and gone, so next week, the best 5 scores results will feature.

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