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Penultimate WL Round

It was the penultimate round of the Winter League and it's close! One final round could decide the winners. With Summer Greens I wasn't expecting many sub 60 rounds but we got 2! Jim Samson had his best round of the season with a Nett 57 to help his final best 6, whilst David Scott, who I think has yet to play 5 rounds had a nice 59. Saving their handicaps till the end?? Willie Young again featured in the money with a scratch 63!

Wattie Barbour has been at the top of Section 2 in the Eclectics for most of the season, but has been overtaken by Willie Young in recent weeks. Can we get a sub-50 round in the eclectics? Willie needs to knock his final 4 at the not so easy 5th to achieve that.

In the "big boy" section it's a three way race with Ron Lambie edging it with a better inward half over Peter Russell, both on 54. Doug Ogilvie couldn't improve on his 55, after managing a fine 6 at the easy "winter 11 hole" on Sunday. There are still plenty of 4s on the the cards to improve on.

In Section 3 David Bell leads with a better inward half, but he is tying overall on 56 with John Baillie, and Tam Lindsay.

The best overall 6 cards is currently held by Alan Low on 365, who leads Sect 3. Only David Bell on 369 is close. Colin Stewart leads Sect 2 on 368, with his closest threat being Iain MacPherson (372).

It's the last week this Sunday and all can change in the final round!! Who will be declared winner come Monday morning.

The Winter League Prize-Giving will be held following the Capt v Vice-Captain Match on Sunday 2nd April 2017.

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