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Texas Scramble Results

Results from the Open Texas Scramble on Sunday 9th April 2017

1st - £50 each - 52.6

J Low

D Hepburn

J Townsley

A Low

(Dunkeld and Birnam GC)

2nd - £30- each - 52.2

A Baxter

R Sutherland

C McGuire

A Tilsley

(Charleton GC)

3rd - £20 each - 52.4

I McPherson

C Stewart

J Baillie

D Bell

(Dunkeld and Birnam GC)

4th - £10 each - 52.6

D D MacDonald (DAB)

S Moon (DAB)

T Sewell (Perth Artisans)

A Whytock (Perth Artisans)

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