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Clubhouse Update

We have been a bit quiet of late on the Blogs, mainly with the Captain taking a bit of holiday after a busy winter period for him!! The Surgeons have removed the pencils from his nostrils and the drugs are having the required effect.

It has been a busy few weeks and there have been a few changes at the club.

The biggest one is that we welcome Chloe Kerr as the new Caterer for 2018. Chloe will be working from 10.00am to 6.00pm every day from this weekend, but having a Wednesday off. She will ensure that parties are catered for as well as locals and visitors popping for a refreshment or bite to eat.

May/ June are usually the busy months as the match-play competitions get under way, as well as the many inter-club matches.

Our Daily Mail Teams are doing well with the Men having won their second round match against Comrie.

This Sunday sees the annual Invitation Open and Members can bring along a Guest and enter the competition. Entry is £15 per couple and there are prizes for best Visitor, Home Club player and Team.

Chloe will be on hand to provide the usual catering.

Let's hope this spell of good weather continues.

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