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Thundering Club Championship

Due to the adverse weather, the Quarter finals of the Club Championship were not completed. Those matches outstanding will be played before the Semi-Finals on Friday 23rd.

Semi Finals - Friday 23rd June

5.30pm - Donald D MacDonald v Ronald Lambie

5.37pm - Mark Williamson or Ross MacDonald (finishing Thursday starting at 15th hole)


Peter Russell or Martin Foster (finishing Thursday starting at 14th hole)

5.45pm - Archie Woodhead


Bill Hynd or Phil Lambie (finishing Thursday starting at 13th hole)

5.52pm - Martin McLeish or Grant Malcolm (finishing Friday afternoon starting at 12th hole)


Stefan Klatschak or Colin Stewart (finishing Thursday starting at 11th hole)

Finals - Sunday 25th June 2017

This is a 36 hole Final.

Scratch Final - 10.00am/ 2.00pm

H/c Final - 10.07am/ 2.07pm

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