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Canter to the Cowan '17

The Cowan Cup is a tournament played between North Perthshire Clubs, and is due to be played on Sunday 27th August 2017

In order to select the best 6 players to represent the club, points are awarded in Extra Medals, to produce an Order of Merit.

Below is the Order of Merit as at Sunday 30th July 2017

Points are awarded in Extra Medals from 10 to 1 point/ 1st 6 places.

Top 6 as at Monday 14th August will be invited to represent the club at the Tournament, with reserves notified also.

"Canter to the Cowan" - Final Standings

Cowan Cup - Sunday 27th August 2016 10.00am - Kenmore GC??

David Crowder 58.00

Brian McCluskey 57.00

Archie Woodhead 47.00

Willie Monks 44.00

Hugh Gowrie 43.00

Ron Burnett 36.00

Vic Hawkins 33.00

Steve Gilroy 32.00

Ian Goodfellow 32.00

Sandy Keay 24.00

Bill Wright 24.00

Stuart Burnside 24.00

Peter Russell 18.00

Denis Cairns 17.00

Andy Moncur 16.00

Martin Foster 14.00

Gordon Smith 13.00

Ross MacDougall 12.00

Douglas Ogilvie 12.00

Graham Hutchison Jnr 11.00

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